There are multiple ways that you can get involved to help make Contentlayer the best way to work with content in your front end applications:

  • Using Contentlayer
  • Providing Support
  • Promoting Contentlayer
  • Building Examples
  • Writing Documentation
  • Contributing Code

Using Contentlayer

The easiest and most valuable way for you to contribute to Contentlayer is to use it, provide feedback, and report bugs.

For feedback and general conversation, join our Discord community. To report bugs, open an issue on GitHub.

Providing Support

As Contentlayer's usage grows, we'll need help keeping up with issues on GitHub. We welcome community members helping to confirm bug reports, while also adding their use cases and perspectives to feature requests.

Promoting Contentlayer

If you love Contentlayer, tell the world! Tweet about it. Write a blog post. Bring it up in a planning meeting for your next web project. Whatever it is, the more you talk about Contentlayer, the better Contentlayer becomes.

Building Examples

We have a small and focused set of examples right now. We aim to expand on these, but want to do so thoughtfully. Too many examples can be distracting for users and difficult to maintain for builders.

If you'd like to build a new example or think you have a helpful one, get in touch. Send a message in #contributing on Discord, or message seancdavis29#9241 directly, and we'll find the right example for you.

Writing Documentation

The docs are off to a good start but have a long way to go. If you are interested in writing documentation, please DM seancdavis29#9241 on Discord.

Contributing Code

If you're interested in contributing code, please either open an issue or find an issue on which you'd like to work. Add a comment stating that you'd like to work on resolving the issue, and we'll make a plan together, as the codebase is complex.

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Last edited on April 01, 2024.
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