Stackbit Configuration

The @contentlayer/experimental-source-files-stackbit API provides a stackbitConfigToDocumentTypes method that transforms a Stackbit configuration object into Contentlayer configuration.

This applies only to source-files, as the content schema must be defined in files within the repository or a shared package available in node_modules.


This method is used to build out document types configuration that can used as the documentTypes property in the makeSource function.


stackbitConfigToDocumentTypes(stackbitConfig, options)
stackbitConfig (required)

A Stackbit configuration object, exported from the Stackbit configuration file (stackbit.config.js|ts). See the Stackbit configuration reference.


If wanting to extend document type definitions imported from Stackbit config, options should be an object with a documentTypes property, which itself is an object, where its property names are the name values from Stackbit document types defined in the models property.

See the integration guide for an example that extends a Stackbit model.


The recommended pattern is to import the Stackbit configuration object (stackbit.config.js|ts) in your Contentlayer configuration file (contentlayer.config.js|ts).

Then use the stackbitConfigToDocumentTypes function to transform the Stackbit models into Contentlayer document type definitions, extend or override properties as needed, and then use the result as the documentTypes property passed to the makeSource options.

// contentlayer.config.ts

import stackbitConfig from './stackbit.config.js'
import { stackbitConfigToDocumentTypes } from '@contentlayer/experimental-source-files-stackbit'

const documentTypes = stackbitConfigToDocumentTypes(stackbitConfig, {
  documentTypes: {
    Page: {
      // extend page properties ...

export default makeSource({ contentDirPath: 'content', documentTypes })

See the integration guide for an example in overriding a particular document type.

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Last edited on August 22, 2023.
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